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What Type of Massage is best for me?

Customizing treatments is a feature of our clinic. Each massage is tailored according to your needs. Voice your concerns and your therapist will create a treatment plan that is most beneficial for you. Registered massage therapy can be specific and direct, focusing on an injury or problem area or it can be general and relaxing. The pressure of massage can be deep or light depending on your treatment goals and needs.

Is Registered Massage Therapy a substitute for medical treatment?

No. Registered massage therapy does not include a medical diagnosis or treatment of illness or disease. Anyone who is suffering from a medical problem should first consult his or her physician. In addition, always keep your massage therapist informed of any medical conditions so that together, you can choose a safe and effective treatment plan.

Are there any side effects from having a massage?

Yes. It is common to feel some tenderness or soreness in the areas focused on during a massage. The solution is to drink plenty of water after a massage and use appropriate hydrotherapy (suggested by your therapist) post-treatment. Massage therapists sometimes recommend a hot Epsom salt bath that encourages the release of toxins that may have been stirred up from the massage treatment.

Is Registered Massage Therapy covered on my health plan?

Most extended health care plans do include registered massage therapy coverage. However, each plan varies depending on the employer. Please check your plan for specific coverage information. Most plans require a referral from your physician. Direct billing to most plans is available. Call us for details.

What is direct billing?

The direct billing option has been developed to alleviate clients from having to outlay personal funds for massage therapy by having the massage therapist bill the client’s insurance company and receive payment directly. Some companies however will not send the payment directly to the therapist so we ask that you pay by an alternate method. We will fill out all the necessary insurance forms and mail them to your insurance company for your convenience.

We accept Debit, Visa, MasterCard, Personal Cheque and Cash.

If you want to know more about direct billing call us at 519.945.0755 – we are here to answer any questions you may have.

What can I expect for my first massage?

As you step through the doors of our clinic, you will be greeted warmly and welcomed into a comfortable lobby. Since this is your first visit with us, we will want to learn a bit more about how we can provide the most effective treatment for you. You will be asked to complete a short confidential health history form, which provides our Registered Massage Therapists with some of your general health information. This form is also helpful in determining which type of massage is best for you.

From the lobby, your therapist will escort you to your own private therapeutic massage room. All of our treatment rooms have dim lighting and soft soothing music playing in the background, which helps you to relax. The therapist will go over your health history and talk about any concerns you may have. It is important to inform your massage therapist of any health problems or medications you are taking prior to your massage. Your massage therapist may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition.

The therapist will then explain how to get on the massage table and what clothing to remove for the treatment. Depending on the techniques your therapist uses, you may or may not need to undress. We want you to be within your comfort level so if you are not comfortable removing your clothes massage can be done with clothing on. For most people they unrobe only the areas to be worked on. You will always be properly covered with a sheet and blanket during the entire treatment to keep you warm and comfortable. The therapist will then ask if you have any questions. Your therapist will leave the treatment room giving you privacy to undress. When your massage is complete, your therapist will leave the room and allow you some time to get dressed. Your therapist will then provide you with water and make a professional recommendation for your return visit.

After your massage, you will feel relaxed and you may feel relief from your former long-term aches and pains. For the first 24 hours after a deep tissue massage, you may feel a little sore or achy – this is a normal response due to toxins being released from your soft tissue. We recommend that you drink plenty of water following any massage. After that time, you will feel increased energy, heightened awareness and greater productivity. Massage therapists sometimes recommend a hot Epsom salt bath that encourages the release of toxins that may have been stirred up from the massage treatment.

How early should I arrive for my appointment?

For your first appointment, you should arrive at least 10 minutes early to fill out a confidential health history form and conduct a treatment assessment with your therapist. For additional appointments, you should arrive a few minutes early to change and prepare for the massage.

What if I am late for my appointment?

If you are late for your appointment, it is possible that you may lose time from your treatment. The massage therapist has to honour the next scheduled appointment. If you need to cancel an appointment, 24 hours notice is appreciated.

Can the massage oil cause an allergic reaction?

The massage therapist will use massage oil that is hypoallergenic and contains no nut products. Prior to massage or if you choose to use aromatherapy oils during treatment please inform the massage therapist of any allergies.

What are some of the benefits of massage therapy?

  • Improves joint mobility
  • Reduces frequency of headaches
  • Improves energy levels and reduces fatigue
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves concentration
  • Reduces the flow of stress hormones
  • Reduces depression and anxiety

Stress Reduction – Massage is a great way to reduce the stress in your life. Not only are the physical effects very soothing, but there is often reduced anxiety and an increased feeling of well-being. Pain Relief – Muscular aches and pains are often reduced or eliminated through massage. Pain relief from conditions such as chronic low-back pain, fibromyalgia, migraines and other headaches, sciatic, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis is common. Improved Circulation – The circulation of the blood and lymph are generally improved, helping you to eliminate toxins, improve your immune system, and promote healthy bodily functions. Improved Flexibility – Massage can enhance tissue elasticity and flexibility and help increase the range of motion (mobility) of your joints. Improved Athletic Performance – by incorporating massage into your fitness/training regime sports massage can reduce recovery time from workouts, help prevent injury, and speed up the healing process time of injuries.

Will my Massage Therapist keep my information private?

Yes. As regulated health professionals, Massage Therapists are required as a part of the standards set by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario to maintain the information you provide, both verbally and in written form, in the strictest of confidence.

Can a child receive a massage?

Yes. Children can receive wonderful benefits from massage therapy. Massage helps with muscular growing pains and encourages good posture. It is also a wonderful tool for helping a child become more aware of good health practices.

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